Libra Man And Romance & Libra Love Horoscope 2009

The Zodiac sign Libra is related to the house of partnerships which makes love and romance, one of the most important things in a Libran’s life. This makes the subject of ‘Libra man and romance’ very interesting. This article uses romance horoscope for Libra 2009 to provide an insight on the love life of a Libra man and how they are romantically positioned in 2009. There are many Librans who find true love and satisfaction in their relationships; however, at the same time the people of this zodiac sign are infamous for changing partners repeatedly in search of true love and happiness.

Ruling Planet Venus – Overall Outlook

With Venus as the ruling planet, Librans are well mannered, have an attractive appearance and friendly attitude. They have a charismatic personality and can cast a spell on anybody with their captivating smile. They feel uncomfortable in noisy and aggressive environment. With these qualities they always try to remain calm and composed in their relationships. They can go to any length to maintain harmony in a partnership, whether that means speaking other people’s mind or telling small white lies to save relationships.

Libra Man And Romance

Libra men prefer the company of like-minded people. Their qualities make them the most romantic men and they usually get along well with almost all other zodiacs. They are quite lucky with romance and love affairs as they can easily attract and charm their love interest. However, for a satisfying and romantic relationship, Libra men need to find compatible partners. They do not feel comfortable with partners who keep curbing them and are critical of their decisions. With strong and demanding women, Libra men feel constrained and exhausted.

Ideal Partner For Libra Man And Romance, Relationship And More

Libran men are not very particular about life’s matters so someone who can take care of them as well as their financial affairs can be great partners for them. More importantly, Libran men want a partner whom they can trust and to whom they can relate intellectually. Women who can reciprocate the love, affection and passion of Libra men are their first choice.

2009 Love Horoscope Libra

In the beginning of the year, two eclipses triggered the 5th House of Romance for Librans so if they want to move ahead in their relationships they need to visit their past. On January 26, an Aquarius New Moon Eclipse accompanied by Jupiter predicted success in love. Still Librans need to be aware of their limits otherwise they may lose a great opportunity. The next in line on February 9 is a Leo Full Moon Eclipse opposed by Chiron and Neptune. This will help Librans get over their fears. During this entire year, there is a lot of energy that Librans might waste chase their fantasies. During the months of May, July and December the cosmic super conjunction of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune is most active and hence during these periods Librans are advised to handle their relationships with care and common sense.

Libra man and romance complement each other; one reason can be the affectionate and passionate nature of Librans. So Librans are predicted to have a rocking love life and excellent relationships in 2009.

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