Know Your Libra Male

Libra male is a great lover whose life revolves around sensuality and emotions. True to his sign, a Libra man puts love as his first priority. He has his own way of loving. He likes the company of women and usually gets attracted to women who are a little mysterious and arrogant.

Libra Men Characteristics With Long Term Relationships

Due to his conservative nature, a Libra male is naturally drawn to marital life. He likes to be married. For him, love is an art, and he rises to great heights in expressing his love to his partner. A Libra man is good at listening too and will always lends an ear to your dreams and hopes. However, he is not good at guessing what’s in your heart so if you are nursing some silent desires, do not expect him to understand them.

The Ever Demanding Libra Man

A Libra man is very passionate and intense towards his partner and he wants to be loved with the same affection and passion. However, often he is hard to please. Even though, he might not want to be in a domestic environment, due to his respect for tradition, he would be seriously committed towards conjugal life.

A Libra man also wants to be always alive in his relationship and does not tolerate halfhearted feelings. If he finds himself getting neglected, he would isolate and go out in search for love elsewhere. However, there is nothing to worry as he will always be loyal towards his partner. He is never going to be deeply wounded with a tragic love experience. His personality makes him ‘forgive and forget’. A Libra male is rarely found to seek separation from his partner unless things go out of hand. If you are married to a Libran or planning an association, then you should develop the habit of keeping the home and surroundings clean and tidy. He would not like to come to an unkempt house. He himself may be lazy and careless, but would expect good looks from you as well as the house. What’s more, a Libra man loves socializing. However, he is not comfortable among strangers.

As per the natural characteristics of the sign, Librans are born judges. They have superior judgmental capabilities to organize life. At the same time, you should not expect him to be lenient or taking your side when you are wrong. It is a Libran’s basic nature to be fair and just, you can not help it. A Libra male is a doting father, and teaches his children the virtues of discipline, equality and debate. However, his fatherly love will never come in between his feelings for his partner. Just learn the art of attracting a Libra male, pamper him and try to take initiative and you will find your live full of love and happiness.

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