Know Libra Physical Traits

According to Libra physical traits, there are two categories of Librans.

The shorter Librans have a well built body with full lips and round foreheads. They have a broad temple area. These short Librans have either brown or blue eyes that have a typical penetrating gaze. These people have a good command over language and can learn several languages with ease. So they are quite suited for the jobs of interpreters and foreign correspondents. They can also become good bookkeepers.

The second category of Libra body characteristics includes people with slender body built and good height. These people have narrow forehead and blue or grey eyes. These Librans are observant, hence are able to form excellent opinions. They can become excellent marketers with their interpersonal skills.

General Libra Physical Traits

As their Zodiac sign of scales tell us, Librans are found to be quite balanced in their physical appearance. They have a proportionate body and even if they put on weight, it is evenly spread on their entire body. Hence the physical traits of Libra are not so peculiar that you can easily spot them in a crowd. Both male and female Librans are of medium height and regular build. They tend to have a curvy body and have a graceful movement. You would hardly find a Libran woman with a skinny physique.

The skin of Librans has a healthy glow. They have silken somewhat curly and light shaded hair. They are generally tall and slim, however as they age they tend to become plump. The structure of their face is quite symmetrical with the round head top and long, tapering at the chin. The Librans have finely chiseled lips. Their voice quality is soft and melodious, and can easily attract as well as demand attention from anybody. There are many Librans that are good at singing.

The Most Typical Libra Physical Trait – Dimples

One of the most typical characteristics of Libra personality is the “Dimple of Venus”. You would find many Librans sporting a couple of them. With the charming Libran smile these dimples become all the more apparent. May be this is the reason why their smile can work as magic and brighten up the entire place.

Libra Physical Traits According To The Decans

Librans born in the First Decan that is between September 23 and October 2 are found to be more attractive than the regular Libran. These people have very easy and calm when they deal with complicated matters. These Librans are aesthetic and are quite particular about personal appearance. They do their best to maintain and improve their looks.

Librans born in the Second Decan that is between October 3 and October 12 are slimmer with a straight nose. They have a medium to tall body type.

Librans born in the Third Decan that is between October 13 and October 22 can easily hide their age. They look much younger than they actually are. These Librans are slim and have short to medium height. They have a slightly curved nose.

With the help of the above Libra physical traits, it can become easy for you to recognize a Libran.

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