Corporate Traits Of Libra – Business Partnership With Other Signs

One of the most common traits of Libra is the ability to excel in all ventures. This article provides details on business horoscope for Libra by exploring their business relationship prospects with other Zodiac signs.

Libra-Aries: Because of the difference in personality of Libra and Aries, a business partnership between these two signs is not favorable. However, if they happen to be good friends then Libra can look after the marketing area while Aries can maintain the clientele.

Libra-Taurus: Due to a Libra’s laziness towards maintaining business, a Taurus’ efforts can go in vain. Their business venture together, is unlikely to succeed.

Libra-Gemini: Both Libra and Gemini are ruled by the mental element of air which ensures excellent marketing skills. Their business venture is likely to be very successful.

Libra-Cancer: These two signs can hardly stand each other. Each of them wants to be the leader and wants to be on top of everything. Hence a business relationship between a Libra and a Cancer is not likely to succeed.

Libra-Leo: Being of cardinal sign, one of the common traits of Libra is his inability to convey his thoughts and ideas across to Leo who is a fixed sign. They both are quite lazy by nature and hence their business can get badly affected. A business partnership between these two signs is not favorable.

Libra-Virgo: Libra and Virgo have far too many differences in their personalities. Due to this, a business venture between these two is a virtual failure.

Libra-Libra: This being a Libra constellation could work well as both are ruled by the element of air. Being of same nature and having similar qualities, they can be good friends and in effect good business partners. These two would have respect for each other’s decisions on business issues.

Libra-Scorpio: A business partnership between Libra and Scorpio is hardly going to succeed because of the many conflicting aspects between their personalities.

Libra-Sagittarius: One of the most common traits of Libra as well as Sagittarius is that they are quite bad with finances and are inclined towards lavishness. These two can become good life long friends, work well as coworkers but cannot succeed in a business venture together.

Libra-Capricorn: Librans are quite careless about money and Capricorn would not tolerate the extravagance of Libra. They do not see eye to eye over monetary aspects and hence a business venture between Libra and Capricorn is not very profitable.

Libra-Aquarius: They both like to socialize and have a tendency to become casual towards their business. If they want their partnership to be successful, they should try and work hard in order to overcome their casualness. Being ruled by the element of air, both these signs are excellent in the marketing area of the business.

Libra-Pisces: Pisces being a mutable water sign, is good at innovative ideas and would do well with advertising campaigns. On the other hand, being a cardinal air sign, one of the common traits of Libra is to excel in marketing area. Hence this business partnership can be a successful one.

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